Beyond Warped Dimensions


I am a DJ, not a Jukebox. My job is to play music that the majority will enjoy and is appropriate to the setting. I take requests, but that is to help me fill in my own play lists, not to dictate what I play. A request list is not a play list. Some reasons I may not play your request:

  • Inappropriate song – this is more than just vulgar language, it could also be content. I’m not going to play a breakup song at a wedding.
  • Unknown lyrics – If I can’t understand the lyrics. I will not play the song. This includes mumbled or foreign lyrics. If I have time to look up the lyrics or translation, I MAY play these songs.
  • Restricted – I may not be allowed to play the song because the event, venue, hiring manager, or boss does not allow the song.
  • Time – I may have too many other requests or there may otherwise not be time to play your request.
  • Budget limit reached – see below.
  • Not Popular – as initially stated, my duty is to entertain the majority.
  • I hate the song – There are very few songs that I truly hate, but for those few, I will not play them. I will play songs I dislike if requested by the majority, but not songs I hate.

When a request comes in for a song I don’t have, I will often purchase the song online. This has the benefit of virtually unlimited music. Music costs money, so I will allocate a budget to new music based on how much I am being paid for the gig. If this budget runs out, I am then limited to the music I already have, or music provided. For legal reasons, I will only play music owned.

* If you are the owner, manager, hiring party, or designated guest of honor then, “Yes sir, whatever you want me to play, sir.” 😉