Beyond Warped Dimensions

Passion for Music

November 8th, 2017 - DJ Rythemton

I love Music. I love DJing. But love of a thing isn’t always enough.

Sometimes I wonder, “Is my passion enough? Is it worth it?”

The DJ market is so saturated right now that I cannot make a living just DJing. I have great equipment, but cannot compete with iPod DJs who bring in their iPod and a pair of speakers and call it good. I have a mixer, 15″ speakers, Lights, DJ Controller, and more. Unfortunately, everybody knows someone who is a DJ.

So I have another job. Having another job makes so that I don’t have time to DJ for a living. The problem keeps compounding itself until I want to pull my hair out. Some days, like today, I have to wonder if it will be worth it.