Beyond Warped Dimensions


Not all needs are the same. We offer three basic packages.

> Complete Setup

This setup includes everything we have. Multiple lights, speakers, sub-woofer, DJ and music. I will bring one or more assistants to help me setup. Setup time is 1-2 hours. (Typical Price: $350*)

> Audio Setup

This setup only includes the DJ, music, and speakers. Setup time is 15-20 minutes. (Typical Price: $200*)

> DJ Only

If you only need the DJ and music, then this setup is for you. Setup time is 5-10 minutes. Please include the type of audio connection(s) the venue will have in the details of the request. (Typical Price: $100*)


Smaller venues may not want the sub-woofer. We also have four mics (one wireless hand-held, two wired hand-held, and one wireless headset) which are available upon request. A fog machine is available upon request, but will cost extra (except for in the Complete Setup.) Lights may be setup on a truss or separate stands, depending on coverage needed. Just specify any custom details you are aware of in the details of the request.

Large Venues

The setup I have is for medium to small venues. I do have access to additional lights and speakers to expand to larger venues, but these will increase costs. Please include any details in the request.

Fine Print

* Typical Prices are for up to 4 hours. Setup time is free and not included in the price. $50 per additional hour. Prices are negotiable.

Deposit of $100 or 50% of negotiated price (whichever is lower) is required to reserve the date.