Beyond Warped Dimensions

Passion for Music

November 8th, 2017 - DJ Rythemton

I love Music. I love DJing. But love of a thing isn’t always enough.

Sometimes I wonder, “Is my passion enough? Is it worth it?”

The DJ market is so saturated right now that I cannot make a living just DJing. I have great equipment, but cannot compete with iPod DJs who bring in their iPod and a pair of speakers and call it good. I have a mixer, 15″ speakers, Lights, DJ Controller, and more. Unfortunately, everybody knows someone who is a DJ.

So I have another job. Having another job makes so that I don’t have time to DJ for a living. The problem keeps compounding itself until I want to pull my hair out. Some days, like today, I have to wonder if it will be worth it.

About Me: DJ Rythemton

April 12th, 2016 - DJ Rythemton

I have been DJing a Hypnotic Production for Vincent Lords for 15 years. Throughout those years, I have DJed several dances on the side, with great results.

I am primarily a playlist DJ, preferring to use requests from the participants to build my playlist. By downloading requests for music that I don’t have, it keeps my music current and popular.

I have enjoyed hearing music progress and change. Watching as some music looses its popularity, while others seem to stand the test of time, still being requested years after it was popular.